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Non-game Inter-actives / Virtual Tours

A simple application that allows user to zoom out to the infinitely big, and zoom into the infinitely small, allowing the user to understand the scale of things in our universe.
This tool is great for classrooms as well as for anyone who just wants to play and learn!
See it here:  ...

This on-line tutorial explains to the viewer the potential discoveries of the ATLAS experiment as being the following:
1. The Unknown
2. Dark Matter
3. The Origin of Mass
4. Extra Dimensions
5. Antimatter
6. New Forces
7. The Standard Model

An award winning interactive tour of quarks, neutrinos, antimatter, extra dimensions, dark matter, accelerators and particle detectors from the Particle Data Group of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Scientific American review: "Berkeley National Laboratory's particle...

This slice shows a colorful cross-section of the CMS detector with all parts of the detector labelled. Viewers are invited to click on buttons associated with five types of particles to see what happens when each type interacts with the sections of the detector. The five types of particles users...

An interactive place "for everybody to learn about grid computing." This colorful interactive offers users information, games and on-line resources at a click on the following subjects:
-Grid Computing in 30
-Five Big Ideas

This interactive simulates the workings of the Large Hadron Collider based at CERN in Geneva Switzerland. As the real accelerator operators do, the player must adjust the LHC controls to ready the accelerator for a particle collision! As the player manipulates the controls, s/he is guided by...

A virtual tour guided around the CMS assembly site in Cessy by CMS physicist David Barney.
Produced November 2006
Duration: 32 minutes

A virtual tour of ATLAS allowing the viewer to choose where to move within the ATLAS cavern. (Low Resolution). Includes music. Main items labeled. No commentary.

This e-tour is an on-line virtual lesson with four main parts: "Introduction," "Physics," "Experiment," and "Accelerator."
Target audience: General Public
"Introduction" e-tour:
Provides a brief intro to particle physics and the lead up to the creation of the LHC....

Ever been confused by all the letters and squiggles used by scientists? Hopefully this site will unravel some of those mysteries.
Sixty Symbols is an on-line collection of videos about physics and astronomy presented by experts from the University of Nottingham. They aren't lessons or...

A point and click interactive. User may point and click parts of the detector to retrieve the name and description of selected part.
To see this video on the ATLAS website:

This virtual tour of LHCb allows viewers to click on key components of the LHCb on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Viewers can choose from the following components for a close view:
a. The LHCb Detector
b. Dipole magnet with the Beryllium beam pipe
c. Muon detection system...

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