CERN — the European Organization for Nuclear Research


This talk raises and addresses the question of why humans perform fundamental research, by noting the fundamental questions our species (and perhaps other species) have raised thrughout time. It then gives a snap history of how we have gone about trying to address these questions from early...

bubble chamber image

Dive into the fascinating world of bubble chambers and analyse tracks of high-energy particles with your students.

We have developed several activities for advanced high-school students, in which they study bubble chamber photographs and try to work out for themselves what they show. You...

This event will bring students, teachers and scientists together to talk and learn about Cosmic Rays.

  • What are cosmic particles?
  • Where do they come from?
  • How can they be measured?

During the...

My Life As A Proton

The talk was given to a public audience at Le Scandale in Geneva (21 May 2014), during an event called Pint of Science.  The talk tells the story of a proton from birth in the Big Bang to joining the LHC, including all of the embarrassing steps in between.

Do-it-yourself cloud chamber

The cloud chamber is one of the oldest detectors for elementary particles. A simple type of a cloud chamber can be built with materials that are easy to purchase. This instruction shows how to build a cloud chamber and gives information on the traces left by particles as well as the particles...

3 quarks with the color charges

This package contains a set of cards that can be used in physics lessons or Particle Physics Masterclasses to introduce, explain and repeat the different particles and their fundamntal properties.
One set consists of 61 Cards with 24 Cards of matter particles and antimatter particles...

This video tells you, why particle masses are central for our daily life, and why especially their values are crucial. This is the real reason why all of us should be curious where mass comes from.

Making of::

The organizers of the German exhibition die Welt...

Article (in Danish) about the history of CERN and particle physics

Well made presentation of CERN, particle physics and the big experiments.

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An award winning card game to learn about particles from the standard model. The set includes a book of games with playing cards included. The book explains rules to several different games that can be played of different complexity and for different age groups. Rules of the games follow the...

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