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elementary particles

The Universe as a glass of beer

This talk was given at TEDxOporto 2016 to a large, general public audience.  It attempts to address the question, posed by a young student: "How do we measure what we can't see?" The talk addresses this in three parts:

  1. What we currently know...
Do-it-yourself cloud chamber

The cloud chamber is one of the oldest detectors for elementary particles. A simple type of a cloud chamber can be built with materials that are easy to purchase. This instruction shows how to build a cloud chamber and gives information on the traces left by particles as well as the particles...

3 quarks with the color charges

This package contains a set of cards that can be used in physics lessons or Particle Physics Masterclasses to introduce, explain and repeat the different particles and their fundamntal properties.
One set consists of 61 Cards with 24 Cards of matter particles and antimatter particles...

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