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ATLAS detector

The ATLAS collaboration is made up of about 3000 contributors who have been working together across the world for almost 20 years. Peter Jenni, Former Spokesperson, ex-officio of the ATLAS Experiment is interviewed by ATLAS colleague Steven Goldfarb (U of Michigan, USA) to find out how it all...


An interview with Ana Henriques Correia, Tile Calorimeter System Project Leader, ATLAS Experiment at CERN by ATLAS colleague Steven Goldfarb (U of Michigan, U.S.A.). The ATLAS detector is built of many different components, each designed to measure properties of specific types of...


ATLAS physicist Steven Goldfarb interviews colleague Fabiola Gianotti, ATLAS spokesperson. In this interview, Gianotti describes in simple terms the complexity of ATLAS construction and what it is designed to do. Topics covered include the numbers in the ATLAS collaboration, detector...

Interview with Dave Charlton, Deputy Spokesperson of the ATLAS Experiment.
(2010). Charlton is interviewed by ATLAS colleague Steven Goldfarb (U Michigan, USA). Subjects covered include what is done with data collected from ATLAS, what has been found in the data so far, why particles in...

Showcasing pictures and video from the building of the ATLAS Experiment to the first splash of particles on September 10th 2008 accompanied by music. Commentary given by various scientists working within the collaboration.

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This book traces the stories of some of the more than 2000 technicians, engineers and physicists from 37 countries as they assemble the ATLAS detector on the Large Hadron Collider at CERN documenting every step with photos. This glossy, full-color hard cover book measures 25.5 cm X 24.5 cm. 168...

Ideal for use as an attractive paperweight, decorative object, souvenir or present. Size: 5x5x12 cm, comes with presentation box.
These special, unique items are on sale only at the ATLAS Secretariat, CERN Switzerland.
40 Swiss Francs.


An animation created of an actual ATLAS heavy ion collision event in 2010.
Duration: 1 min 12 Sec
To view or download this file, go here to the ATLAS website:

A song written about the ATLAS experiment. Includes interesting facts about the experiment sung by members of the ATLAS Collaboration. Good for young and old(er) audiences.
Duration: 4 min 13 sec
Produced October 2010
CERN Copyright
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Professor Peter Watkins of University of Birmingham, UK, gives a brief explanation of the Large Hadron Collider and the ATLAS experiment. In this short overview, he describes the following:
1. What scientists are researching at the LHC
2. The LHC and how it works
3. The main...

A general overview of the ATLAS Experiment and new physics that may be discovered with ATLAS.
15 minutes07 seconds long.
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A virtual tour of ATLAS allowing the viewer to choose where to move within the ATLAS cavern. (Low Resolution). Includes music. Main items labeled. No commentary.

This short film interviews scientists from around the world working in the ATLAS collaboration. Questions asked range from what they do on ATLAS to hobbies and how individuals were drawn to becoming physicists. Provides an overview of interviewees motivations and aspirations for working on ATLAS...

This is a 1 minute long time-laps video of the construction of the ATLAS detector. This film also exists in 3 and 5 minutes.
See here for all versions:

This 4 page color brochure describes ATLAS and the LHC, the ATLAS inner detector, calorimeters, muon spectrometer, magnet system, a short definition of the terms "particles," "dark matter," "mass," "antimatter." It also explains the ATLAS collaboration and provides the ATLAS website address with...

This is a segment of the movie 'Episode II, The Particles Strike Back', illustrating how the ATLAS detector detects different types of particles.
Running Time 1min 47 sec
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This animation was created of an actual ATLAS collision event in 2010. This animation shows from the particle view the race through the LHC, ending in the detector where the event occurs. This is the first candidate for an event with a Z boson decaying to an electron and an anti-electron.

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A cotton polo-shirt with the ATLAS logo on it. Cost 20 Swiss Francs. Available only from the ATLAS secretariat at CERN, Building 40.

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