CERN — the European Organization for Nuclear Research

Ivan Melo

Higgs potential and fundamental physics

Physics associated with the Higgs potential is rich and very interesting. I
believe it deserves efforts aimed at explaining it to high school students even
though the subject may appear complex, even formidable at times. Before we
embark on this task we might benefit from an...

Great things can happen when high schools get involved with cutting

edge science, and that’s exactly what CERN is proposing with its

new beam line for schools competition, which will form part of the

laboratory’s 60th anniversary celebrations in 2014. The competition...

International Particle Physics Masterclasses (MC) have become a phenomenon. 8000 high school students from 22 countries evaluate real LHC data at 99 universities across the world every year.
From my point of view it is an extremely successful event. However, it is only a one day thing. We...

International Particle Physics Masterclasses (MC) is a successful event for high school students. MC has 3 key elements: lectures, execises with real data from CERN and videoconference.
Astronomy Masterclass (AM) in Slovakia was a test if this MC format could work in a different field. The...

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