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Teaching Material: Particle Identification with the OPAL Event Display




This resource includes a collection of worksheets on particle identification in images of the OPAL event display for the use at school. It is especially suitable for the preparation for Particle Physics Masterclasses with LHC data.


This teaching material consists of various worksheets that can be used in a learning sequence on research methods of particle physics. Those worksheets include, for example, exercises on the design of the OPAL detector as an example of a multi-purpose detector at LEP (Large Electron Positron Collider) and the OPAL event display, the identification of single particle signatures and the analysis and reconstruction of complex events as well as information material on important results of the research at LEP.

Compared to data from LHC experiments the OPAL events are rather easy to analyze and to interpret, which makes these exercises a suitable entry for the work with event displays. The material therefore is very useful to prepare students for the more complex images that they will see during Particle Physics Masterclasses with LHC data. The material also includes background information for teachers on LEP and the OPAL detector. For every worksheet learning goals, necessary prior knowledge and didactic advice are given and the complete intended teaching sequence is outlined.

The material consists of worksheets only, so it can be used without the need of computers.

The thesis was written at Technische Universität Dresden in the framework of Netzwerk Teilchenwelt and the material has been successfully used during in-service teacher trainings.

The complete thesis including all worksheets can be downloaded here:

A more comprehensive collection of teaching material can be found at

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Learning Topics

Conservation Laws
W' Z' Bosons
Matter / Antimatter
Particle Identification
Process of Discovery