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Teaching Material: Interpreting Bubble Chamber Images with GeoGebra

Teaching Material: Digital Worksheets on Bubble Chamber Images




With the help of this online resource the learners can interpret and evaluate original bubble chamber images on an introductory and advanced level directly in the web browser using the GeoGebra online application. It can be used in the classroom but also as an individual learning opportunity for particularly interested students.


This online resource provides exercises on the interpretation and evaluation of original cloud chamber images. The images are embedded in the GeoGebra online application. The two GeoGebra workbooks for introductory and advanced tasks respectively include various digital and interactive worksheets starting from informative material on the usage of GeoGebra, the function of a cloud chamber and the identification of different particles and processes. This can be followed by exercises to foster this knowledge by doing own identifications and quantitative analysis of the momenta of visible particles, for example. For the latter, GeoGebra’s integrated geometric tools are used.

In the advanced tasks, tracks are reconstructed and analyzed in three dimensions by using different projections of the same event.
There is a feedback mechanism integrated, so learners get informed whether their answer is correct or what should be considered if the answer is wrong.

Additionally, cloud chamber images are provided that can be analyzed regarding own research questions. The material is accompanied by printable worksheets, which can be helpful if there is no access to computer pools or to request additional explanations from students in the context of an exam, for example. Furthermore, the digital worksheet can be downloaded and run locally without connection to the internet.

The material has been developed as a part of two master’s thesis’ at Technische Universität Dresden in the framework of Netzwerk Teilchenwelt and has been successfully used by teachers all over Germany and during in-service teacher trainings.

The tasks on the introductory level were created by Rebecca Schmidt and those on the advanced level by Floria Naumann.

Both can be found on the GeoGebra account of Netzwerk Teilchenwelt:


The complete thesis on the exercises on introductory level including didactic advice and further background information can be found here.

The analog worksheets are downloadable here.

The thesis on the advanced exercises can be found here.

A more comprehensive collection of teaching material is accessible at


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