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Higgs potential and fundamental physics

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Higgs potential and fundamental physics
Higgs potential and fundamental physics





To stimulate discussion among physicists about the challenges of explaining some of the most fundamental problems in particle physics and cosmology to high school students with the Higgs potential as a spring board and a central hub.


Physics associated with the Higgs potential is rich and very interesting. I
believe it deserves efforts aimed at explaining it to high school students even
though the subject may appear complex, even formidable at times. Before we
embark on this task we might benefit from an attempt to summarize some of the
basics in this field so we could better see the beauty and the challenges that go
along with it. In this short note I will limit myself to several topics, discussing
electroweak phase transition, QCD phase transition (chiral symmetry breaking),
naturalness problem and vacuum stability all viewed from the perspective of the Higgs potential. I do not deal directly with the most
obvious topic of the Higgs mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking.

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