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ATLAS Interview - Ludovico Pontecorvo, Muon System Project Leader, ATLAS Experiment on the LHC at CERN

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To raise awareness of the existence and role of the Muon Spectrometer in the ATLAS experiment



The ATLAS detector is built with several layers designed to study different types of particles. At the outer-most layer lies the Muon spectrometer. ATLAS physicist Steven Goldfarb (U of Michigan, USA) interviews Ludovico Pontecorvo, ATLAS Muon System Project Leader to find out how the Muon Spectrometer measures these very small particles precisely. Topics covered include the 4 types of detectors within the Muon Spectrometer and what they do, why the muon spectrometer is located on the outer most layer of the ATLAS detector, how big and wide and heavy the detector is, a bit about muons coming from outer space and how these are used to make adjustments to the detector, where the spectrometer is situated underground, how it was built and assembled, what will possibly happen with higher energy collisions. The interview is concluded with Goldfarb summing up what the muon spectrometer is designed to do and why this is essential to the discovery of new physics.
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Director: Yves-Rene Kayonga
4:00 min. / 06 April 2010 / CERN


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