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To raise awareness of the Large Hadron Collider, its experiments, and Germany's contribution to their success


This exhibition is based on the Weltmaschine exhibition that the community of German nuclear and particle physicists, supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF, hosted in Berlin in the year 2008. Its exhibits inform visitors about CERN and the LHC, the world of particle physics as well as the technological challenges and the practical benefits of the project. Designed for display at universities and other institutions that are involved in the LHC and its experiments. The exhibition is made up of roll-up displays (1 metre x 2 metre), large images (4.20 metre x 2.80 metre) and several individual exhibits. The experiential elements of this hands-on experience are highlighted by in-person guides, the physicists themselves, who answer questions and talk from first-hand experience of working with the LHC and its experiments.
The exhibiton at a glance:
• Target audience: general public
• Visitors: more than 100 000 (status end 2010)
• Presented at more than 15 places in Germany
• Presenters: Universities and institutes that work at the LHC or at one of the detectors
• Guides: physicists working at the LHC or at one of the detectors
The loan of the exhibition is free to the borrower, and is available to lend within Germany only. All fees associated with the transportation, assembly, maintenance, dismantling is paid for by the borrower.
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