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To teach basic particle physics to general audiences


Having fun while learning particle physics? Released May 10th, 2010, the SPRACE computer game designed for High School students and the general public help players learn the intricacies of elementary particle physics.
The game takes place in a distant planet where to sustain life it becomes necessary to artificially create atomic nuclei from their elementary constituents. Shrunk to subatomic sizes players navigate a microscopic universe with a landscape that is foreign to our daily life. Their mission: build protons and neutrons using our current knowledge of the structure of matter. Using sophisticated energy fields and guidance systems, players are challenged to a multi-level mission in the subatomic universe.
This game was developed entirely in Brazil and is sponsored by SPRACE with the financial support from CNPq through the “Project on Support for Dissemination and Popularization of Science and Technology." The game was developed in Java and can be played on any platform, Windows, Linux or Mac. It requires the latest version of the Java platform, which can be obtained free of charge.
The game was designed by Summa Technology+Business, a Brazilian consultancy company, and developed by Black Widow Games Brazil.

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