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Quark-Tzee Dice Game





Helio Takai


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To explain the basics about fundamental particles in a fun interactive way


Quark-Tzee is a dice game that plays following Yahtzee rules.  The idea is that you start with 6 dies, and you can roll three times. On each roll you keep the dies that you consider the best to make certain particles.  First roll - all dies, keep as many you want to create mesons and baryons;  Second roll - only dies that are not used on the first roll, and so on.  You have to complete a given table, and you play by number of rounds. 
It is fun to play, and students in particular like the game because it is “portable” and can be played anywhere. They can “hang out” anywhere.  Future - We are working on a on-line version. All using volunteers and it will take some time... Dice game is first. There is no formal educational evaluation, but students smile, so it must be good... or just hilarious!
See slides for contact details.

Post date: Mon, Jun 06, 2011 — 12:49
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