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The Quark Card Game





Helio Takai


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To teach students of the existence of quarks, substructure of mesons and baryons, particle decay and the concept of color change


The Quark Card Game was created to convey students the concept of the Standard Model - the existence of quarks, substructure of mesons and baryons, particle decay, and the concept of color charge.
It addresses the population of students in Junior and Senior years, in the US Educational System, i.e 16-18 years old.
Each deck has 52 cards, with quarks and leptons, and four Wild Quarks. The Wild Quarks can be used in varying numbers from zero to 4.
Game - The only game that is currently developed and played in the US is Hadron Hold’em, and played using the same rules as Texas Hold’em that is popular in the US media.
Betting - You have to bet to play Hadron Hold’em. We introduce poker chips that are graded in eV (electron volts). The general idea is that you win because you made more stable or more particles.
Rules - are the same as Texas Hold’em. Before each round player places bet. Then receive two cards each. On the table dealer puts 3 cards face up and two face down. Based on possible combinations one bets more. Dealer turns another card face up, more betting, then final card is turned up. Final bet, and winner takes it all.
You can always fold!

Post date: Fri, May 27, 2011 — 14:26
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