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Physics Slam


To increase enthusiasm and basic understanding of physics among a general audience


The physics slam derives from the Chicago (USA)-born tradition of poetry slams, in which poets read their work and judges determine the favorite reading of the night. In this case it is the physicists who are in the spotlight!
Each willing "slammer" or "science-entertainer" spends 12 minutes on stage trying to win over the audience with a creative and clear explanation of a particle physics topic. The idea is to entertain and educate all at the same time. At the conclusion of each slam, the audience shows their approval through applause. The loudest response, as measured by an applause-o-meter, determines the winner. The winner walks away with a trophy and the proud label of ultimate science explainer. The friendly rivalry between participants inevitably results in super fun and unique deliveries to engage the audience.
A large seating venue for enthusiastic audiences is a must. Beer and pretzels are optional.
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Photos by Jack Liu- U of O Slam 2011
Photos by Silke Zollinger- Munich 2011 Slam

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