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To introduce users to the Grid and raise awareness of its complexities and practical use


An interactive place "for everybody to learn about grid computing." This colorful interactive offers users information, games and on-line resources at a click on the following subjects:
-Grid Computing in 30
-Five Big Ideas
• Resource Sharing
• Secure Access
• Resource Use
• The Death of Distance
• Open Standards
-Building a Grid
• The Architecture
• The Hardware
• The Middleware
• “Gridifyng” your application
-Grids in IT History
• Grid’s Computing Ancestors
• Grid-Changing Technologies
• Back to the Future
• Breaking Moore’s Law?
-Grids and You
• Who Uses Grid Computing?
• Grids for Different Needs
• Volunteer Computing
-In Debate
• Several grid-related topics under discussion
-Grid Powered Projects
• International Grids
• National Grids
• Field-Specific Grids
• Volunteer Computing
• Middleware Projects
• Grid Communication
• Grid Business
-Grid People
• Photos and Profiles of the people behind the projects
• Tutorials
• Demos & Games
• Blogs & Webcasts
• Image Bank (Grid-related photos)
See here for this interactive:
For more information send an email (in contact info) or see this webpage:

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