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To raise school children's awareness of and enthusiasm for the world of physics and life as a physicist


This project was conducted jointly by CERN and 20 primary school classes from the Pays de Gex and the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland in June 2010. The six-month project had the goal of educating schoolchildren about the profession of research scientist and the world of research. Some 400 schoolchildren aged 9 to 11 made drawings and came up with definitions in class on the profession of a physicist. Subsequently they came to CERN, visited one of the Laboratory’s sites, and met and interviewed some physicists. They then used the information garnered during the visit to make a second drawing and write a second definition. Each class or school then selected eight sets of drawings (both pre-visit and post-visit) for an exhibition at CERN on the subject of scientific research.  Two classes agreed to be photographed and filmed for the duration of the project: a fourth-grade class from the Satigny-Village school in Switzerland and a fifth-grade class (CM2) from the school in Bois d’Ornex in France. Photos and film of these two classes were also included in the exhibition of artworks at CERN. A like program was undertaken by Fermilab National Science Laboratory, Batavia, USA. titled "Who is the Physicist?" 

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