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To introduce young audiences to the excitement of Physics


"Drôle de Physique" is a collection of 6 hands-on activities started by CERN's James Gillies and now available for schools on request. These activities designed for young audiences are currently carried out in CERN's Microcosm where a platform has been devoted to them. The Drôle de Physique activities are animated by an adult facilitator. A session lasts about 30 minutes and ends with delicious ice cream made with liquid nitrogen!
A facilitator's guide exists explaining each of the 6 hands' on activity and materials needed. Although due for an update, this guide is still extremely useful for those interested in improving their presentations to engage young audiences.
Activities included are:
1. The State of Matter
2. Rutherford scattering
3. Vortex Generator
4. Human Gyroscope
5. The TV Set
6. Lead Glass
Publication Date: 1998
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Bookings to attend a session of Drôle de Physique at CERN can be made here:

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