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CMS Brochure (2006/2009)


To raise awareness of the chief components of the CMS detector and their functions.


Includes an illustration of the CMS detector surrounded by cross-sections of its parts with brief explanations of each of their functions. Also includes a short explanation of what CMS aims to identify and measure at the LHC.
Published in 2006.
Printed copies available for English, French, Italian, German.
Text updated in 2009 only for English, French and Italian versions.
Copyright CERN
Responsible for Translations:
English - D. Barney, J. Virdee
French- C. Pralavorio, P. Bloch, M. Della-Negra
Italian - F. Cavallari et al
German - C. Wulz et al
Dutch - F. Blekman, B. Van Konigsveld
Greek - P. Vichoudis, E. Petrakou, E. Symeonidou, N. Tracas
Spanish - J. Puerta-Pelayo, P. Garcia
Finnish - J. Tuominiemi, K. Aspola
Polish - M. Lapka, G. Wrochna
Portugese - C. Lourenco
Serbian - D. Lazic, P. Milenovic, D. Maletic, A. Vitlic
Turkish - Erhan Gulmez et al

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