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To enhance the teaching of science to 10-14 year-olds; enhance awareness of the relevance of science to our society; promote enthusiasm and interest in science;take interactive science to remote areas; and to produce more young scientists and engineers


An imaginative blend of education and entertainment, SCI-FUN is a science "roadshow" that visits 50-60 schools each year throughout Scotland. It helps teachers to encourage young people to continue studying science and technology subjects beyond S2.
Approximately 10,000 pupils take part in the roadshow. Sessions are timed to fit with the school timetable, minimising disruption. Particle physics is included as one of the main subjects.
A quick summary of the show's framework:
The entire S2 year-group is included – up to 300 pupils per school – with more limited access for P6/7 classes. (The exhibition requires a large hall, available for at least 24 hours.)
The activities are available within the school, allowing all teachers access at their convenience, and reducing the time taken from classroom teaching for both pupils and teachers.
The cost of travel is eliminated, or reduced for visiting groups.
The three sciences are given a balanced presentation.
The importance of mathematics to support science is emphasised.
Other relevant subject areas such as technology and computing are included.
For the most part, the pupils are actively involved and supervised.
Approximately 40 minutes are spent in the hands-on area.
S5/6 pupils are trained as helpers.
Each group of 5 or 6 pupils is guided by a university student or senior pupil.
For further information about SCI-FUN, including how to get involved, contact us at the address and telephone numbers shown below, or email
SCI-FUN, the Scottish Science and Technology Roadshow
College of Science and Engineering
Old Faculty Office
The University of Edinburgh
The King's Buildings
Mayfield Road
Edinburgh EH9 3JZ
Telephone: 0131 651 3597
Direct email:

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