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LINAC Accelerator Game


To teach participants the basic functions of a linear accelerator


A hands on working model of a linear accelerator.  Model consists of a metal track, ball and computer/monitor which measures the ball's speed. A ball has to be given energy with exactly the right timing by lifting a part of its supporting track. At the end of the track a PC will measure its velocity between passing two LEDs.
This is a great exhibit to show the principle of accelerating particles by giving them energy in the right moment. And the PC will allow to set up a competition "Who is the best particle accelerator."
Information on this model:
Mechanical Drawings here:
The above is password protected.  Contact Michael Kobel for access to the above files. (see contact)
Several copies of this exhibit have been made in Germany.  Some models are available for loan within Germany.  for information on how to borrow a model, contact Michael Kobel (see contact)
Additional photos available here:

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