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CERN Anti-matter Lesson Plan - Knowing Anti-me / Knowing Anti-You

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To introduce14 and 15 year olds to the basics on anti-matter


This lesson plan is part of the Anti-Matter Teaching Module (see related documents).  
Duration of lesson:  approximately 30 minutes.  ( duration may vary depending on how it is used)
Care has been taken to ensure that the mathematical knowledge required for students to successfully complete these lesson plans harmonizes with that which is expected of students in the 9th and 10th forms, according to a representative sample of national curricula. For some of the more calculation-intensive lesson plans, teachers may find the Background Materials helpful. Teachers may also discover that the required calculations can provide an opportunity for training in the use of calculators and/or computer graphing programs.
This lesson is meant as an introduction to antimatter. It sets the scene by giving students an idea of what antimatter is and how it differs from ordinary matter. Upon the completion of this lesson, the student shall:
-Be aware that for each and every particle of matter there is a corresponding antimatter particle
-Understand that antiparticles have the same mass as particles but have opposite electromagnetic properties such as charge
-Be able to distinguish between the constituents of an atom of hydrogen and an atom of antihydrogen.

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