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What is this?

This is a collection of recommended tools and materials to be used in bringing the exciting world of particle physics to students of all ages and the general public.  Here you can find videos, brochures, posters, talks, ideas for hands-on activities and more.  All Items stored here are shared by members and associates of the IPPOG network.

Who is this for?

Items in this collection are for use by anyone engaged in particle physics outreach and informal education initiatives. This includes informal science educators & explainers, and anyone else wishing to help others understand the wonders of particle physics.

How to upload your resource?

Login with your CERN account by clicking on log-in in the upper right corner. Select the 'Resources' tab and you should then see a 'create resource' box to click. Fill the template, upload your file(s), click save and preview as often as you need and cross-check your result.
New content only gets publicly visible once administrators (IPPOG coordination) have approved it.

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