CERN — the European Organization for Nuclear Research

Frequently Asked Questions


It's easy.  All you have to do is register in 2 little steps.
1.  Create a "lightweight CERN single sign-on"  account.  (if you don't already have one, that is.)   Go HERE
2.  Request to be added to the database user e-group.  Go HERE
Once your request has been approved by the IPPOG Adminstrator, you will be notified that you may go ahead and share materials, rate stuff and/or make comments within the collection.

How do I leave comments or rate materials I see in the collection?

Only registered users may rate materials or leave comments.  
Want to register?  See HERE.

What is a "related resource"?

Related resources are items in the collection that belong to a series or group of items. Examples: videos in a video series, exhibits in an exhibition, etc.

What do I put in the "contact person" field?

The e-mail address of the contact person. The contact person is the person to contact for more information on the item.

Can I select more than one Learning Topic for my item?

Yes. Hold down the command key and select multiple topics.

Where do I enter a url or web address when creating a new item for the IPPOG collection?

Type it directly into the "body" field of your item. When your item is published, the web address will show as a web link.

What is "Banner Text"?

"Banner" text is the text you see written across the top of an item's main photo in the blue banner. It typically says something like "Product of the ATLAS Collaboration" or "Product of CERN" to show if an item was produced by a certain institute/collaboration/country/organization.

Please contact the IPPOG administrator at " " and request that the language be added to the list.

What if my item doesn't fit under any of the "item types" provided?

Contact the collection's database administrator at " '